ePortfolio Requirements

Each year, students create a Pathways ePortfolio using Weebly to showcase your yearly Themed Project Portfolio among other important areas of your high school career. You will grow this ePortfolio throughout your years as Pathways and it will be a public document that you can show potential employers and colleges.

This ePortfolio will be a visual display of your student work and talent and therefore reflective of your personality and individual interests and goals. It will also serve as a component of the student internship process, and you will show your ePortfolio to potential employers as you interview to gain employment at a paid internship.

You will receive training on how to create an ePortfolio using Weebly through either your technology classes or your advisory. Your advisory teacher will have your Weebly username or password. You will have time throughout the year to work on your ePortfolio and receive peer and teacher feedback before you present it at the annual showcase on Thursday, May 17th, 2018.

List of Items that will be required in your ePortfolio by Pathways graduation:

  • Welcome/Introduction about yourself and your goals
  • Photo (pictures/logos that represent yourself)
  • Current Resume
    • Video Resume (if created)
  • Cover Letter
  • Coursework
  • List of all the courses you have taken at Pathways
  • Themed Project Portfolio for Grades 9, 10, and 11
    • Summary of each project
    • Link to your project
  • Internship
    • Summary of your internship
    • Description of the work you did at your internship
    • Logo and facts about the company
    • Internship Presentation
    • Internship Evaluator Summary
  • Capstone Project for 12th Grade
  • Exemplary work
    • Additional exemplary work, outside of Themed Projects and Capstone, which you want to showcase
  • Contact Information
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile


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