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School Governance Council

The Governance Council is a governing body that makes collective and consensual decisions advising, guiding, and counseling the Administrative Team. Currently, the Governance Council consists of parents, students, teachers, and the Principal as a non-voting member. Membership will be expanded to include a representative from the school’s Industry Advisory Board and Goodwin College. There are seven key functions of the Governance Council.


Mr. Michael Maziarz, Principal & Co-Chair

Ms. Karen Ennen, Parent Co-Chair

Mr. Hallock Yost, Parent

Ms. Joelle Figueroa, Parent

Ms. Monique Sherer, Parent

Ms. Karen Perham-Lippman, Parent

Ms. Edith Mwenelupembe, Parent

Ms. Bernice Amponsah, Parent

Ms. Amybeth Gustavson, Teacher

Ms. Kenterra Carrion, School Social Worker

Ms. Adelle Clark, Teacher

Mr. Matt Hay, Teacher

Ms. Zoraida Maldonado, Family and Support Service Provider

Mr. Brian McGovern, School Social Worker

Ms. Kristyn Rosen, Teacher

Ms. Deborah Sackett, Community Member

Aracelis Figueroa, Student

Jolise Reyes, Student

Mr. Kennard Ray, Community Member

If you are interested in joining the SGC, please contact Ms. Zoraida Maldonado

7 Key Functions:

Analysis of student achievement data and school needs relative to the development and approval of the school’s Accountability Plan.

Development and approval of the school’s annual resource allocation plan (budget) in support of the school’s improvement goals.

In the event of a vacancy in the Principalship, the Council shall recommend to the Superintendent of Schools a successor from among a slate of qualified candidates provided by the District.

Advice and assistance to the principal regarding programmatic and operational changes which foster the school’s improvement goals consistent with state statute, Board policy and contracts made by the Board. This may include major program changes, adjustment of the school’s focus, hours and days of operation and the school’s enrollment goals.

Promotion of the school as a parental choice relative to its enrollment goals.

Ongoing development and approval of a School Compact for parents or legal guardians and students outlining the criteria and responsibilities for enrollment and school membership consistent with the school’s goals and academic focus.

Advice and assistance to the principal on matters of importance to parents or legal guardians.


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