Student Support Team (SST)

Purpose Statement of the Student Support Team (SST)

The purpose of the Pathways Student Support Team is to ensure academic, behavioral, and social- emotional success for all students.

Definition of Intervention:

  • Interventions at Pathways are strategic and purposeful adult actions that are designed to accelerate and/or enrich student learning through explicit instruction.
  • Examples of interventions (i.e. teaching a skill where the student has to learn and teacher monitors):
    • Small group or individual tutoring
    • Explicit instruction in writing strategies
    • Explicit instruction in the meaning of selected prefixes
    • Teaching a student how to create a schedule in order to complete a long term project
    • Support or social skills group with specific curriculum
    • Teaching a student how to graph her progress in learning math facts
    • Teaching a student a variety of appropriate ways to ask a teacher for help
    • Examples of modifications/accommodations (change in what and how the student learns):
      • Use of agenda, organizers, planners, manipulative
      • Guided reading group
      • Change of seat
      • Increase or decrease in breadth of required content


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