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Safe School Climate

Our school is dedicated to ensuring that Pathways is a happy, healthy, and rigorous learning environment.Therefore, we have established the Safe School Climate Committee to be responsible for developing and fostering a safe school climate.

All schools are required to have a Safe School Climate Specialist and a Safe School Climate Committee. The Safe School Climate Specialist is responsible for the investigation of all bullying reports as well as chairing the Safe School Climate Committee that is charged to ensure compliance with the District Safe School Climate Plan, including the maintenance of the Bullying Log, implementation of character education, and investigations and verification of bullying by a student. In addition, the safe school climate specialist is responsible for communicating with all pertinent parties including parents/guardians and staff members. It is recommended that he Safe School Climate Committee meet monthly and no less than quarterly to evaluate existing systems for reporting and responding to bullying as well as implementation and sustainability of existing programming that promote a safe and nurturing learning environment, including student programming and staff professional development.

In accordance to Connecticut Public Act 11-232 that focuses on bullying, all schools will ensure that they are providing character education for its students. This can be accomplished through programming around positive character traits such as empathy, citizenship, responsibility, and scholarship.

Dr. Jessica Fitzgerald, School Title IX Coordinator & Assistant Principal

Pathways Academy of Technology and Design

2 Pent Road East Hartford CT 06118


Email: bonvj001@hartfordschools.org

Kimberly Schulte, District Title IX Coordinator

Hartford Public Schools

960 Main Street

Hartford, CT 06103


fax: 860-722-8454

email: schuk001@hartfordschools.org


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