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Congratulations: 4th Marking Period Honor Roll
Posted 07/07/2017 11:49AM

Congratulations: 4th Marking Period Honor Roll

Congratulations to all the students who achieved Highest Honors and Honors in the 4th Marking Period.

4th Quarter Honor Roll
Last Name First Name Grade Level Level
Ali Muneeb 11 Highest Honors
Bedon Brian 11 Highest Honors
Blankenship Emelia 11 Highest Honors
Colon Jennifer 11 Highest Honors
Cruz Nathan 11 Highest Honors
Dillon Jacob 11 Highest Honors
Fiedler Matthew 11 Highest Honors
Gomes Ryan 11 Highest Honors
Hallstead-Williams Eva 11 Highest Honors
Harris Hunter 11 Highest Honors
Morales-Merced Andres 11 Highest Honors
Murray Killian 11 Highest Honors
Rodriguez Thalia 11 Highest Honors
Suarez Preston 11 Highest Honors
Thornton Tori 11 Highest Honors
Cariseo Matthew 10 Highest Honors
Colino Jessica 10 Highest Honors
Fall Anta 10 Highest Honors
Figueroa Aracelis 10 Highest Honors
Holloman Thomas 10 Highest Honors
Ibrahimovic Mirela 10 Highest Honors
Ortiz Angelica 10 Highest Honors
Rheaume Jason 10 Highest Honors
Smajic Amina 10 Highest Honors
Stokosa Jakob 10 Highest Honors
Topping Caitlin 10 Highest Honors
Wilson Dylan 10 Highest Honors
Arenas Leandro 9 Highest Honors
Brown Jannell 9 Highest Honors
Clark Andrew 9 Highest Honors
Cmuchowski Thomas 9 Highest Honors
Cruz Marlon 9 Highest Honors
Dooley Connor 9 Highest Honors
Hubbard Ian 9 Highest Honors
Kelly Andrew 9 Highest Honors
Mohamed Mohamed 9 Highest Honors
Ohenhen Enogieru 9 Highest Honors
Oyola Bryan 9 Highest Honors
Ponnathota Jatin 9 Highest Honors
Priesnitz Trevor 9 Highest Honors
Rodriguez Adalilah 9 Highest Honors
Tomas Elijah 9 Highest Honors
Wood Evan 9 Highest Honors
Yost Laila 9 Highest Honors
Buchwald Garret 11 Honor Roll
Centeno Daniel 11 Honor Roll
Charlow Jordan 11 Honor Roll
Cleary Ozaine 11 Honor Roll
Colon JanCarlos 11 Honor Roll
Cruz Eric 11 Honor Roll
Cruz-Rodriguez Hector 11 Honor Roll
Dailey T'Yanna 11 Honor Roll
Fonseca Gonzalez Ashley 11 Honor Roll
Gomez Tomas 11 Honor Roll
Grant Alexander 11 Honor Roll
Guidry Elliot 11 Honor Roll
Laing Dwight 11 Honor Roll
Miranda Nicholas 11 Honor Roll
Nunez-Pastrana Jaylene 11 Honor Roll
Pierce Matthew 11 Honor Roll
Riesbeck Colin 11 Honor Roll
Rivera Alexis 11 Honor Roll
Rivera Julio 11 Honor Roll
Trojanowski David 11 Honor Roll
Vazquez Daijhmonae 11 Honor Roll
Williams Ashanti 11 Honor Roll
Baez Sade 10 Honor Roll
Belcourt Evan 10 Honor Roll
Brescia Mason 10 Honor Roll
Clewes Jason 10 Honor Roll
Cook Kye 10 Honor Roll
Cusson Thomas 10 Honor Roll
Dinnald Imani 10 Honor Roll
Genus LaTania 10 Honor Roll
Kallicharan Christina 10 Honor Roll
LeMay Aidan 10 Honor Roll
Lorraine Kaydanna 10 Honor Roll
Martinez Nicholas 10 Honor Roll
Martinez-Rivera Matthew 10 Honor Roll
McLaughlin Ryan 10 Honor Roll
Medina NaThalia 10 Honor Roll
Powell Thomas 10 Honor Roll
Silva Edward 10 Honor Roll
Tavarez Robert 10 Honor Roll
Vazquez Cindy 10 Honor Roll
Curtis Shane 9 Honor Roll
Dean Jamyra 9 Honor Roll
Duncan Najae 9 Honor Roll
English Nicholas 9 Honor Roll
Farley Elias 9 Honor Roll
Garcia Mirna 9 Honor Roll
Guster Dzenita 9 Honor Roll
Kociu Lazo 9 Honor Roll
McKenley Danielle 9 Honor Roll
Moseley Bennett 9 Honor Roll
O'Donnell William 9 Honor Roll
Osagiede Elijah 9 Honor Roll
Palmer Deshawn 9 Honor Roll
Paul Trivon 9 Honor Roll
Rookwood Chad 9 Honor Roll
Rosa Jose 9 Honor Roll
Sampel Isaac 9 Honor Roll
Ward Ricky 9 Honor Roll
Way Bryce 9 Honor Roll


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