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Physical Education & Health at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design

Health - 1/2 credit

Students will develop scientifically-based understandings of the physiological, genetic, behavioral, social and cultural factors that support health and wellness. Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to: 1. Understand various challenges to human health and wellness, including an understanding of health risks; 2. Describe health promotion and illness prevention through study of nutrition, fitness, stress management, or other action strategies; 3. Demonstrate an understanding of themselves as active agents in their own health; and 4. Develop personal goals and programs for health and wellness using knowledge based upon principles from epidemiology, nutrition, kinesiology and other health sciences.

Physical Education - 1/2 credit

The physical education program at Pathways Academy parallels the Connecticut State framework for physical education. It is based on the disciplines of motor learning, biomechanics, exercise physiology, human growth and development, sociology, and historical perspectives. It stresses physical education activities that help the student develop socially and emotionally as well as physically. We have two core phases: the fitness and sports model unit. The core program consists of department and district selected activities that are designed to introduce the student to Pathways Physical Education, physical fitness, as well as the many sports. Both groups will concentrate on an activity for an eight to sixteen week period. Through regular participation in physical education, the student realizes the value of active involvement in our program and receives instruction in sports and methods of maintaining fitness, which will have the potential to improve the quality of their adult life. The Fitness and Wellness core program will be duel: individual activities and physical fitness. The Sports and Games core program will offer team activities and physical fitness.

Strength & Conditioning - 1/2 credit

Strength and conditioning is a physical education course that will focus on aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Students will be introduced to basic human anatomy and bioenergetics to understand how the human body works during exercise. Students will be given the tools to create a customized individual workout program to develop various areas of personal fitness. This course is for students who want to take an active role in improving their overall health and wellness.

Yoga - 1/2 credit

This class explores yoga, a physical practice that works the body through asana, or poses. This workout will build a flexible strong body, develop the core, rinse out toxins, dissolve tensions, and improve body composition. This class will start out at a beginning pace, progressing to power yoga at the end of the semester. Each class will end with a relaxation segment and or a guided visualization.


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