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Pathways to Technology


Pathways Academy of Technology & Design empowers its diverse community of students to become fully active participants in our global, technology-driven society. Through Project-Based Learning students acquire technological and critical thinking skills, and develop a sense of personal and social responsibility that enables them to successfully compete in the growing, fast-paced, and rapidly changing world economy.


Pathways Academy of Technology and Design will accomplish its vision through:

  • Employing innovative and collaborative learning through the use of cutting-edge technology and Project Based Learning (PBL).
  • Providing rigorous academic curricula focusing on high achievement
  • Fostering a belief that all students can achieve
  • Establishing a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals willing to grow with the changing technological world
  • Developing partnerships with the business community that allows students to explore work-based experiences such as mentoring, internships, and career exploration
  • Reducing racial, ethnic, and economic isolation of students in urban, suburban, and rural schools
  • Encouraging parents, students and teachers to work together to create a positive and safe learning environment


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